Stirling’s Archived Ecclesiastical Heritage Projects

Stirling colleagues have undertaken numerous projects involving Scottish ecclesiastical heritage. This research has often contributed directly to ‘Statements of Significance’ and heritage presentation materials for Properties-in-care by Historic Environment Scotland, as well as the National Trust for Scotland and local custodial bodies. This expertise also contributed to the Historic Environment Advisory Council for Scotland’s Report with recommendations on the long-term conservation of the ecclesiastical heritage in a time of demographic change (2009), presented to the Scottish Executive.

Our ecclesiastical project work includes:

Professor Richard Oram

Melrose Abbey by Richard Oram (2004-04-01): Richard Oram:  Books
  1. ‘The Premonstratensian Order in Scotland c.1150-c.1350’, in P Barnwell (ed), Places of Worship in the British Isles 1150-1350 (Donington, 2018) includes a detailed analysis of Whithorn’s plan.
  2. Oram R, Martin PF, McKean C & Neighbour T (2010) Historic Whithorn: Archaeology and Development. Scottish Burgh Survey. York: Council of British Archaeology.
  3. R.D. Oram, ‘The Medieval Bishops of Whithorn, Their Cathedral and Their Tombs’, in C. Lowe ed., “Clothing for the Soul Divine”: Burials at the Tomb of St Ninian: Excavations at Whithorn Priory, 1957-67 (Historic Scotland Archaeology Report, 3, 2009), pp. 131-6
  4. Oram R (2005) A Monastery and Its Landscape: Whithorn and Monastic Estate Management in Galloway (c1250-c1600). Whithorn Lecture, 13. Whithorn: Friends of the Whithorn Trust.
Whithorn Priory and Museum | Historic Environment Scotland | HES
  1. R.D. Oram and R. Fawcett, Elgin Cathedral and the Diocese of Moray (Historic Scotland, Edinburgh, 2014), 196pp
  2. R.D Oram R (2016) ‘The Medieval Church in the Dioceses of Aberdeen and Moray’, In: Geddes J (ed.) Medieval Art, Architecture and Archaeology in the Dioceses of Aberdeen and Moray (Leeds: 2016, Routledge. British Archaeological Association Conference of 2014), pp. 16-32.
Elgin Cathedral and the Diocese of Moray: Richard Fawcett,  Richard Oram: 9781849171731: Books

Dr Michael Penman

Monuments and Monumentality Across Medieval and Early Modern Europe:  Proceedings of the 2011 Stirling Conference: Michael Penman:  9781907730283: Books

Dr Alasdair Ross († 2017)

The Medieval Kirk, Cemetery and Hospice at Kirk Ness, North Berwick: the  Scottish Seabird centre Excavations 1999-2006: Addyman,  Thomas, Macfadyen, Kenneth, Romankiewicz, Tanja, Ross, Alasdair, Uglow,  Nicholas: 9781842176634: Books
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Dr Tom Turpie

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